Frequently Asked Questions

Can we visit and if so what are the times - do we have to telephone first?

You can visit at any time of day or evening and can stay as long as you like. There is no need to telephone first. If you are visiting at mealtimes, we would ask that your visit takes place away from the communal areas where other residents may be eating. If you or other friends/relatives would like to come and stay for lunch / dinner, you/they would be most welcome. Just let us know if a meals are required and we can provide it for a small charge.

Can we take our relative out of the home?

Yes of course. If you would like them to spend a day/ few days with you, say over Christmas or holidays, we can help you, e.g., arranging medication supplies, wheelchair, District Nurse visits etc.

My father prefers to spend time alone; can he stay in his room during the day if he wants to?

Yes. Although we have a range of activities, residents have the right to choose not to join in and we fully respect their right to their privacy. Residents decide what they would like to do and where they would like to spend their time. If residents wish to spend time in their own rooms, they are entirely free to do so.

Can my mother stay here for as long as she likes?

Yes – provided of course that we are in a position to meet her needs. If residents become ill, we work with the Community District Nurse team and other healthcare professionals to provide the care and support the person requires to enable him or her to remain at the home. Of course, we endeavour to respect our residents’ choices and wishes about their end of life care arrangements. We understand how important it is that people can remain in familiar surroundings and be cared for by people they know.